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Package: C8s LED Wall

C8s LED Wall

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8.33mm pixel pitch, 5,000 nits seaworthy outdoor LED display

  • Seaworthy display
  • Slim design for easy integration
  • Hermetically sealed and fanless
  • Simple control

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C8s tiles - (R90529432B1/B4)
270 tiles available

The C8s LED display is a member of Barco’s renowned C-series family and shares its mechanics such as truss beams, feet and stacking frames with the other C-series LED displays. The electronic backbone of the C8s is identical to that of the C8 display, powered by the DX image processor and controlled by the Director Toolset software. Featuring a slim design, the C8s can easily be integrated in the most challenging setups. 

Seaworthy design

Based on high-quality LEDs with narrow binning, the C8s is specifically designed to withstand harsh sea conditions. Its seaworthy design makes it ideally suited for cruise ship poolside theaters. The C8s meets Barco’s typhoon marine test standards, your guarantee for a reliable product that endures the most severe conditions.

Ultimate image quality

 The versatile C8s offers high-quality scaling, an unlimited pixel count (through stacking of multiple processors), auto redundancy and 16-bit processing per color. Its hermetically sealed and fanless design guarantees crisp images at all times. What’s more, this LED display’s brightness is consistent thanks to Barco’s proprietary calibration carrousels. 

Simple control

The C8s can easily be controlled by the remote management software. Through its optional light sensors and intelligent management services, the C8s automatically adjusts its brightness.

DX-700 (R98522780)

Including input (R98522781) and output module (R98522783)

The DX-700 is a multi-window video processor designed as a versatile front-end to a wide range of Barco LED displays. With color calibration genlocking, versatile input and output modules, support for blending, color keying and a wide variety of show effects, the DX-700 is an ideal and user-friendly choice to boost the performance of your display.



  • Input modules provide “universal” connections for DVI (RGB or YCbCr), Dual-DVI (RGB), Component Analog (RGB or YPbPr), NTSC/PAL, CVBS or Y/C, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, and Dual HD-SDI formats. Multiple input modules can be assigned to a bank.
  • All inputs except DVI provide a minimum 10-bit color depth, in either 4:4:4 or 4:2:2 format. An advanced motion-adaptive de-interlacer with diagonal filter converts interlaced or progressive segmented frame
    (PSF) inputs to progressive format.
  •  All processing is performed with a 12-bit minimum color depth.
  • Dynamic contrast enhancement is available on any video input source.
  • Input balancing can be applied to any input, with individual RGB adjustments.


  • Up to two output modules can be included in a bank.
  • Video layers can be alpha-blended (e.g., assigned an attribute of invisible, opaque, or any level in between), regardless of layer priority.
  • Color-keying is supported. Any input module may be designated as a key source.
  • A variety of digital video effects are supported, including freeze, strobe, and linear color transformations (e.g., monochrome and inverted video).
  • Warranty: 6 months
  • Status: Second hand
  • Runtime equipment: Overall runtime: 0H-10H
  • Product is available at: Barco Belgium (Kuurne)


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