Backdrop and image processing solutions for the broadcast industry

A complete portfolio of visualization solutions

Offering the audience an ultimate viewing experience: that’s the ambition of the broadcasting industry. Backdrops and other visualization equipment play a vital role in that, because the perception of the show’s professionalism and credibility is influenced largely by the quality of the images. So, the backdrop image quality is extremely important for a show’s success − but other criteria like reliability, calibration, and ease of adjustment (changing the color temperature and colorimetry when studio lighting changes) are of equal importance.

Millions of viewers, every day

Barco has been a top player in quality broadcast solutions for many years. All over the world, millions of people watch Barco every day. We offer backdrops in all technologies – including tiled LCD, rear-projection cubes and direct LED. The introduction of Barco’s bezel-less LCD and RGB laser rear-projection video walls has created a revolution in backdrop visualization, because these technologies are especially suited for these applications – not only in terms of image quality, but also when it comes to flexibility, reliability, and ease-of-use.

The ultimate ecosystem for backdrop solutions and signal distribution

A Barco backdrop with a Barco image processor is a winning combination. Interoperability between these systems is thoroughly tested so we can guarantee there will be no hick-ups during the production. Barco’s presentation switchers use a mixer approach, giving the broadcast user a comfortable and familiar working environment, and a great experience. Broadcasts can be mastered and monitored from a PC, and can either be prepared upfront or mastered live.

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