Jul 20, 2020

What hybrid and virtual classrooms bring to business education

Teaching & training 1 min read

With September on the horizon, many business schools are asking serious questions about online learning – and more specifically about the potential of virtual and hybrid classes. Are they a viable solution to distancing? Do they affect student engagement? What sort of preparation is required?

Drawing on the experience of KU Leuven university and the IESE business school in Spain, Ellen Van de Woestijne, Segment Marketing Director for Learning Experience, Barco, goes over all the issues one after the other.

In this 1-hour webinar, she details how stepping up to a virtual classroom can significantly improve distance learning for both faculty and students. A more natural experience for teachers, combined with deeper levels of interaction and engagement, create a better learning outcome – and also the critical differentiation from schools that are just using Zoom or conferencing software.

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